Wednesday, April 30, 2008

The First Snow

When most people talk about climate change they don't seem to take into account the effect that recent environmental phenomenons are having around the world. The recent weather changes are effecting the entire ecosystem. Simply put, if you mess with mother nature, mother nature pushes back.

The earth's median temperature is warming, that is what scientists have been telling us for years, but what is not hitting the front page is that fact that places like Russia and other inherently cold places, permafrost is melting. This unprecedented melting of the permafrost is letting off methane which is only adding to the problem of global warming. After all, methane is one of the greenhouses gases. So you can see how the snowball effect will only worsening as temperatures rise.

Another part of the snowball effect is that more sunshine is hitting the ocean water's surface as the result of less snow and ice in Antarctica and Greenland every year and the large chunks of ice that are drifting out into the sea... This increase in dark open sea is forcing the ocean to absorb more of the heat. Think of it this way, if you lay a dark shirt and a white shirt out in the summer sunshine, which one gets hotter. The same effect is happening as more dark sea is exposed to the sunlight every year this will in turn warming the oceans. This of course melts more ice and that is how you propel the snowball effect to new levels...

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